School leaders are educational entrepreneurs, passionate about delivering innovative curriculum that has a positive, long-term impact on the lives of their students.

But if you are like most school leaders, you are frustrated by the burden associated with managing the day-to-day business office operations of your school. You want to focus your efforts on your core mission: delivering high-quality education and improving student achievement, but it seems like every day there’s another “emergency” in the business office. If it’s not an employee or vendor who did not get paid correctly, or a rejected request for reimbursement, it’s another report due to a local, state, or federal agency. It never seems to stop!

Managing the day-to-day business office operations has nothing to do with delivering quality education and it gets in the way of pursuing your educational vision.

image001According to “The State of Charter Schools,” a study published by the Center for Education Reform in 2011, over 40% of charter school failures are due to financial deficiencies, followed by 24% due to mismanagement, including ethical violations and embezzlement. Less than 19% of charter school failures are due to poor academic performance. While the percentages may vary, the same applies to school districts.

It’s no wonder that business office operations take up so much of the school leadership’s time and effort.

This is where schoolAbility can help. Imagine the peace of mind that comes from knowing your day-to-day business office operations are managed by experienced professionals so you can focus on pursuing your vision of delivering high-quality education to your students.


Data Analytics

“schoolAbility’s data analytics empower administrators and governing council members to make informed decisions based on accurate graphical representations of the school’s financial position.”

Alfredo Diaz, Founder & CEO, schoolAbility

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schoolAbility’s Value Proposition

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