With over 640 reports with extensive ad hoc query capability and  several output styles, there is virtually no limit to what information can be extracted from schoolAbility.

In 2015, Escape Online 5 users ran 3.4 million reports or approximately 13,500 per day. 80% of those reports completed in less than 5 seconds, and 94% completed in less than 10 seconds.

2015 Stats - Reports

Every report includes the following features:

  • Ad hoc filtering
  • Quickly jump to any page
  • Search on any text or number
  • Print any range of pages
  • Export to PDF
  • Export to Excel
  • Export to Word
  • Email the report
  • Save report parameters to a “favorite”
  • Up to 20 favorites per report
  • Favorites can be shared
  • Zoom In / Out

 Schedule Reports

schoolAbility includes the ability to schedule reports using an approach similar to Microsoft Outlook calendars, with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly schedules. Once scheduled, schoolAbility automatically runs the report (based on permissions) at the scheduled time and saves it to “My Reports.”

Specific tasks (like payroll approval or 1099 processing) can be configured to automatically send reports to a secure, system-wide report warehouse.

My Reports & Report Warehouse

Every time you run a report, it is sent to My Reports (a “personal” reports warehouse).


All major records in schoolAbility (e.g., employees, requisitions, assets, journal entries, etc.) can have any number of attachments. In 2015, Escape Online 5 users stored almost 1.1 million attachments.

2015 Stats - Attachments

schoolAbility Software

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