schoolAbility’s Human Resources functionality supports the following records:

  • Employees
  • Positions
  • Assignments
  • Benefits
  • Leave Transactions

Following is an illustration of schoolAbility’s Human Resources process:

HR Process

Additionally, schoolAbility’s Human Resources module creates efficiency by supporting the following features:

  • Year End Processing  with automatic roll forward of assignment records for the next year, including salary placement and position accounts.
  • Complex Searches capabilities support the creation of employee lists using lookup windows and interactive calendars.
  • Comprehensive Reporting  functionality supports standard and custom reports and snapshots.
  • Secured Access provides access to information on a need-to-know basis. User permissions control access to activities (e.g., employees, positions, salary schedules), tabs within activities (e.g., benefits, taxes, position accounts), tasks (e.g., view SSN, edit SSN) and notes/attachments (e.g., HW notes or scan of driver’s license).


schoolAbility’s Credentials functionality is directly connected to payroll, auditing assignments employee assignments to credentials requirements and  creating pay holds if necessary.

  • District Credential Processing. Certificated assignments are matched with employee credentials based on the job class or account component, forcing a pay hold for any that do not match. Proactive renewal letters are easy to define and run.
  • County Credential Processing. Effortlessly track the status of credentials and TCCs with snapshot reports and applicant processing for new credentials. Monitor renewal requirements, add supplementary authorizations, issue temporary COE certificates (TCC), grant emergency credentials and audit districts for compliance with legal requirements.

Human Resources Workflows

Human Resource Authorizations (HRA) streamline the Human Resources  processes with custom logic, fields and forms. These electronic change requests for employees and positions can be setup to include approval routing, to-do (or task) routing, and notifications to stakeholders. HRAs eliminate the paper trail, replacing it with an electronic trail and streamlining the process.

Leave Processing

Using simple setup logic, leaves process through payroll, docking employees if desired, paying off at the end of the year, transferring balances. Includes the ability to override.

  • Create substitute pay automatically. Import files from SubFinder, Aesop or a generic CSV file, tying leaves to substitutes, writing to the employee’s record and creating pay automatically.
  • Match bargaining unit requirements. The user can affect multiple balances with cascading logic, grant for one or all positions and customize grants, cutoff dates, and carryover based on years of service.

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