Peace of Mind

Imagine the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the business office operations are managed by experienced professionals freeing you and your administrative team to focus exclusively on student achievement.

School Business Office Management Expertise

schoolAbility’s leadership team has over 125 years of combined experience managing and auditing schools. In fiscal year 2015, schoolAbility managed the business office operations of 15 New Mexico charter schools with combined budgets in excess of $27 million and charter schools in Texas and Nevada with combined budgets in excess of $10 million. schoolAbility also provided consulting services to several California charter schools.

Financial Management Software System Expertise

As the original developers of AptaFund and exclusive OEM charter school distributors of Escape Online 5,  the leading financial management and human resources system in California, schoolAbility has expert-level knowledge and experience in financial management and human resources systems for schools. This enables schoolAbility to take full advantage of advanced system features and functionality to the benefit of the school.

Cost Effective

schoolAbility delivers its services at a lower cost than what it would cost the school to attain a similar level of service in-house, and without the risks associated with hiring employees who may or may not work out in the long run.

Segregation of Duties

A lack of robust segregation of duties exposes schools to potential financial mismanagement or embezzlement that may lead to a takeover by the authorizing agency or outright closure. schoolAbility implements multiple layers of oversight, checks and balances, and robust segregation of duties to protect its clients from financial mismanagement or embezzlement.

Elimination of Risk

An in-house business manager represents a single-point-of-failure for any organization. Many of our clients approach us in a moment of crisis triggered by an unexpected event affecting their employee business manager or other busienss office staff. schoolAbility eliminates this risk because it has personnel redundancies built into its business model.

Financial Data Analytics

schoolAbility’s proprietary reports deliver an unprecedented level of transparency and analysis that enable the administration, finance committee, and governing council to truly understand their school’s financial position so they can make informed decisions.

Why schoolAbility?

To contact schoolAbility for a confidential, no-obligation consultation, e-mail or call (520) 780-1375.

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